4014 Big Boy Disassembled For Overhaul

Isn’t it great to know that Union Pacific never retired their steam fleet 4-8-4, 844 and their Challenger are still on the roster, and now work is progressing on 4014, one of the Big Boys.

In January 2017, disassembly was completed in the steam workshops at Cheyenne,Wyoming.

All of the parts have been carefully checked, with some repaired and others fabricated. It is going to take a while to get all of these bits and pieces ready for re-assembly, but isn’t it great to know that there is serious progress.

It is hoped to have the engine available for the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railway line and with the resources of Union Pacific behind it, pretty soon those interested in steam from around the world will be descending on Cheyenne to see her in action.

Here is a video update of where things are at.


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