Operating Steam US RailRoads Pt 1

Strasberg Railroad Offers 6 Working Full Size Steam Engines

On my frequent visits to the US over the years, I stumbled across a few steam operated railroads. I will post some pictures of the Mt Washington Cog Railway I visited in 1979, and the Denver & Rio Grande I rode on July 4th 1981 with double headed 4-8-2s, but for now this is one of the surviving steam runs.

The Strasberg Railway only operates over 4 ½ miles and apparently still operates revenue hauling freight trains with steam power. I would love to see that!

Motive power includes a couple of nice Baldwins and a Canadian 2-6-0 (Drool).

I just love the older US engines. I will never forget a ride behind a Baldwin 2-6-0 on the Huancavelica line in Peru in 1976. Unfortunately I had my camera stolen in Lima, although my friend was kind enough to send me a couple of photos.

Baldwin 2-6-0 number 101 on the Huancavelica Line in Peru. Photo by Lindsay Rickard

We rode on the roof of this train and had to duck when we hit the unlined tunnels. Loads of soot and fun.

Regrettably, the Strasberg Railroad is dead flat. Still beggers can’t be choosers and the motive power makes up for this.

I just love the Canadian 2-6-0 they have.


To think, we drove past this area a few years ago and had no idea of the treasure that was there. If you know of or have ridden on this train, please let us know your experience.

Here is a video of train operations.


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